Road Trip: Glass Beach + Drive-Thru Tree

Glass beach is located in Fort Bragg, California. It’s about 3-hour drive up north of San Francisco. The shore is covered with small colored stones (see pictures) called beach glass. Beach glass came from trash such as glass and other appliances that were dumped on those sites (now known as glass beaches) many years ago. Over the years, those pieces of trash were broken down into beautiful little stones by waves.

Having heard a lot about it and seen beautiful pictures of it, we decided to change our plan and drove off for 5 hours to see it. It was definitely not a worthwhile experience (maybe it would be if we went there years ago when there were more beach glass). The beach itself also smells fishy. However, if you happen to be near the area, you should definitely go check out and judge for yourself :). It’s free and parking is also free and there’s plenty!
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