My College Experience

Through out my student career, I had never had trouble with school until I transferred to a university. I went from one of the smart students in class to … meh! ( My dear friends and families, now you know I was nothing like you thought. ) But everything happens for ( at least ) a reason. And I know my reasons. Or maybe my excuses? Who cares!

Geisel, one of my favorite place on campus and where I studied for my exams and worked on projects. Oh, and it was in Inception!
Geisel at night! Taken when I got out of my least favorite class, which is compilers.

So I went to both community college and university. I have to say that I really liked the community college I went to a lot. It’s because over there I enjoyed most of my classes, I enjoyed taking classes that other students said it was hard, all my favorite professors knew me, and of course classes are way smaller. One of my favorite professors helped me get a tutoring job in the library. My boss and coworkers were all friendly and awesome. I had a lot of fun working with them and learned some cool tricks about solving algebra and calculus problems. Most people there really care about students and professors are there to teach. Unlike at universities, “professors are there to do research”. Of course, it wasn’t always pleasant, but I enjoyed it so much that I didn’t really remember ( that is why it’s always a good idea to write down anything that you want to remember forever because we will forget things ) anything that made me so sad or exhausted besides some students who I had hard time helping at my tutoring job :(.

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I wish all my beloved people were there :(. Thank you all for everything and I miss your food mom!
Thank babe for being with me through college and everything!
I would be a very depressed student without you guys!
I knew for sure that I would go to college since before I came here. I had no idea how hard it was because I didn’t feel school was that exhausting when I was in Cambodia. And one of the reasons that I was so eager to go to college came from the fact that no one in my family had gone to college. My brother would always say to me when I was in high school, “make our family proud!” I’ll never forget his words!

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A Perfect Wedding


They say happiness is when you marry your best friend. But when we planned our wedding, we forgot all about that and only focused on a perfectly fun wedding, for our guests. We had a tightly limited budget, so we decided not to hire a wedding coordinator. And since our family members were also busy, we had to do all the planning and searchings for vendors on our own. Six months before the wedding, we thought we still had plenty of time since we already got the catering, venue, photographers, and DJ/MC. And did I forget to mention my dress :)? But we forgot that we would have to work all the way till the day before the wedding.

Oh, I added some pictures in between so you guys won’t be bored by my story. Kann+Mann_Wedding (981)The guys demanded the bouquets from us, and look at what they did with them!

Two weeks before the wedding, we didn’t even have vendors for the cake, bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, and we didn’t even have a decorator to decorate our venue. Funny enough (maybe it wasn’t funny back then), we have so many relatives that we ended up inviting more than we had planned. And that means we didn’t have enough wedding favors, so we had to order more wedding favors and pray for them to arrive on time. (Thank god, they did!) Oh and I had the largest pimple of my entire life right on my cheek. (It bothered me so much, but I was over it by the time the wedding day arrived!) It didn’t seem like I was under that much stressed, but I was! O_O. Read more

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It’s Contagious!

Awe….I feel like it’s been so long since my last post! That’s because of school, work, and other responsibilities. Yeah, I started a weekend job now and I will be interning in the summer. Thanks god that I finally found an internship :). I had been so stressed ( and kinda depressed too ) for more than a year because I don’t know what I want to do with my life, the responsibilities I’m facing, and I don’t know if I will have the future that I want to have. I didn’t have a job, I didn’t do well in school, and my people seemed silent every time they asked me if I worked and I said NO. Well…I am still stressed but having a job and an internship really lower the amount of stress in my brain ( Sigh.. ). If you are reading this and feeling like you are in the same situation I was in ( I’m still in actually…, just not as bad as I had been ), just hanging there with me. We all have the worst day, month, or year in our lives. And there are many more to come. I’m not looking forward to it, but I know I can’t avoid it. No one’s life is good forever. I know they say the lightning never strikes the same place twice, but because we have to keep moving forward, we may end up in the spot where the lightning will strike. However, we should never stop moving. WHAT DOESN’T KILL US MAKE US STRONGER! And it’s okay to be weak! It’s okay to cry out! Just remember, after you finish crying, life goes on…

The picture below reminds me of the book I read many years ago when I was so into reading the “self-help” books. Obviously, I don’t remember the exact phrase, but it simply means that we might be in a cloudy day, but above that cloudy dark cloud, there is always a bright sky. And this picture was taken by my friend, Bryan ( Bryan, if one day you are reading this, I hope we will still be friend ).  20150514_194305

And here’s what I mean by “It’s Contagious!”. For more than a year, I’ve been in the state where bad things kept coming one after another. I almost couldn’t handle it. But after I regained my balance, it seemed like good things started to make their way in. I heard back from companies I applied for, I got some interviews, and I got a few offerers. And I found a weekend job doing what I wanted to try doing. Life was looking good! But then a few weeks ago, I got annoyed by something, everything seems to followed the pattern. Again, I was stressed ( see, I told you! Bad and worst days are bound to happened. So are good and best days! ). I just started to feel better a few hours ago and hope I will have better weeks to come…and Summer…:).

Actually, there’s nothing contagious about that. I was being weak. I let the bad situation control me. In stead of trying to calmly find the solution, I allow a demon to lead the way. I know I can’t always be strong. But it’s okay as long as I keep looking for a way out and learn from it. And YOU too!

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May 5th


Today is the special day for us. Today we have been together for five years and one day. And it’s the day that we legally begin our new journey as husband and wife ( I’m so excited to call him ‘hubby’ :) although our ceremony will take place later in the summer ). I feel like it was just yesterday that we started dating, but at the same time I feel like it took us so long to get here.


I still remember the first time we met, the first time we started talking, and the first time we kissed ( we went back to that day again today :). It wasn’t the sweetest thing on earth, but it was definitely one of our sweetest moment ). Those memories always make me smile from my heart. We wrote each other our little love story. I’m hoping to write our love story in here in the near future for our memories hence I don’t write any detail in here.

I just can’t wait for our ceremony to take place :)

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