Northwest Open Space

Two years ago we came here for our engagement photo shoot. After the rain has made everything green in SoCal, I’ve thought this place must be full of these yellow mustard flowers. And it is! There are also many orange trees that blossom and produce such a nice pleasant smell that reminds me of the very first place I called home, where we used to have a lot orange trees and several different kinds of fruit trees. The home that gave us so many good memories and the two worst memories in our family lives.

And here’re some pictures we got:

Orange tree flowers. It smells like Jasmine to me.
Yellow mustard.
Just showing how good the auto setting of my camera is :)

The lonely tree.

That’s it! We got there when it was really cloudy so we couldn’t take good pictures of this place to show you guys how gorgeous it is. But it’s definitely one of the best place for any photoshoots. Trust me! :D

And last, I hope you guys enjoy your weekend. By the way, I just found out that March 20 is National Proposal Day!

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