Little things from Golden West Swap Meet

During our road trip, Mann and I talked about how we always want to travel to other far away places and never actually explore places nearby. We then agreed to each other that we would start finding things to do or places to go in our city or within a 1~ hour driving radius. And that was it!

We came back from the trip and our normal lives rolled back. Things we had put aside kicked in. We forgot about it altogether. And same old excuses backed us up. It kills me. It’s been killing me. It stresses me out knowing that our plans had gone beyond rescue. That’s how dramatic the situation is in my head. My mouth doesn’t do me justice. It’s all in my head. Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, and Fear are working really really hard right now (remember Inside Out?). But my physical self is being….meh!

So, as of right now, I am seen to have the most free time ( although I am physically free but mentally busy, as my friend told me and Mann about himself.) And Mann is both physically and mentally busy, I decided it’s a good time for me to start crossing out the list on the plan we once upon a time made, even though it meant I have to do it without him :(.

Enough of a background story, on Saturday I went to the swap meet with my sister and niece. The weather was on our side provided us a good time to walk around and look at stuffs people sell such as these ones:

A genuine happiness
She was probably the most trendy woman in her time.
Back in my physics class, I asked one of my classmate what they called someone who build houses. I was like “a civil engineer..??” and he was like “a carpenter.”
A nano griller
Let’s sell all the old postcards and just keep everything on Facebook.
My heart became stone. Because the focus is somewhere else.

I don’t know what this’s called.
I don’t know what this’s called either.
The view of the swap meet


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