A Place to Study/Work When It’s Hot?


Starbucks? Barnes & Nobles? Right, these are the two places that I usually go. But it’s hard to get a good spot at Starbucks and kind of uncomfortable to sit there for hours. And Barnes & Nobles are nice but they don’t have outlets so I can’t really use my laptop for too long. I know I know, I sound like I’m a business exploiter ( I’m not sure if that’s the word for it, let me know ). So now that I have more time, I go to this place called a public library :D. It’s pretty chill! People all ages go there ( there are outlets and books everywhere :P). I could stay there all day and get motivated by other people. What about you guys? Where do you go?

I’m currently living in Irvine and I like to go to Newport Beach Public Library. Go check it out if you are around and haven’t been! Here are some random pictures I took at NBPL :).








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