A Perfect Wedding


They say happiness is when you marry your best friend. But when we planned our wedding, we forgot all about that and only focused on a perfectly fun wedding, for our guests. We had a tightly limited budget, so we decided not to hire a wedding coordinator. And since our family members were also busy, we had to do all the planning and searchings for vendors on our own. Six months before the wedding, we thought we still had plenty of time since we already got the catering, venue, photographers, and DJ/MC. And did I forget to mention my dress :)? But we forgot that we would have to work all the way till the day before the wedding.

Oh, I added some pictures in between so you guys won’t be bored by my story. Kann+Mann_Wedding (981)The guys demanded the bouquets from us, and look at what they did with them!

Two weeks before the wedding, we didn’t even have vendors for the cake, bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, and we didn’t even have a decorator to decorate our venue. Funny enough (maybe it wasn’t funny back then), we have so many relatives that we ended up inviting more than we had planned. And that means we didn’t have enough wedding favors, so we had to order more wedding favors and pray for them to arrive on time. (Thank god, they did!) Oh and I had the largest pimple of my entire life right on my cheek. (It bothered me so much, but I was over it by the time the wedding day arrived!) It didn’t seem like I was under that much stressed, but I was! O_O.

Kann+Mann_Wedding (230)That was the only time he dared to kiss me in front of our families and friends :D.

However, huge thanks to our families and friends, the last minute wedding was a success (at least I thought it was :D) although there were some fun plans didn’t make it to the reception. And it was really sad that my brother’s family, Mann’s sister and brother’s family, and our other closest families/friends couldn’t make it to our wedding :(. But yeah, this is our “perfect” wedding! There could be no such thing as a perfect wedding, but there could also always be the perfect wedding. It depends on how we define it. I’ve learnt from my coworker that the guestbook didn’t even arrived on her friend’s wedding. I’ve learnt from Bubz (I assume you guys know Bubz :)) that things aren’t gonna go as planned. And now I’ve learnt from my own wedding that if things don’t go as planned, let it be and enjoy it! Let it be part of our memories! Let it be the story to tell our kids!

Kann+Mann_Wedding (987)Our bridesmaids and groomsmen never saw a plane before so they were excited to see one. Haha. I’m kidding. They were looking at the drone flying on top of us to take our pictures :P.

Any of you planning your wedding? Aww…that’s exciting!!! I LOVE wedding planning. I know you guys are thinking “but your wedding planning sucked!” Yeah, but now i’m experienced :D. Nah, I just wanna give some words to kinda sooth your feeling a little bit. It can be overwhelming when you have to do everything on your own. Though if you can get help, get help. Based on the list of things I didn’t have two weeks before the wedding, you can get those things done even six months before your wedding then you’ll have more time to learn the dance moves to surprise your guests :P. And if you have an unlimited budget, splurge on whatever you want. Otherwise, relax and see how you can get something similar to what you want, especially decorations, in a lesser expense. If you’re like me who can’t afford the dream wedding dress, it’s not the end of the world (I don’t even really look at mine now. I’m actually so happy that I didn’t buy anything more expensive than that.) I saw some really cute dresses at Macy’s that I would definitely wear if I were to get married again. I will actually, according to my hubby, he said we will get married again. haha.

The A team…Kann+Mann_Wedding (190)


The B team…Kann+Mann_Wedding (570)

Hope I reflected something useful. Leave me comments about your experience. I would definitely love to hear and learn more :). Take care guys!


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