May 5th


Today is the special day for us. Today we have been together for five years and one day. And it’s the day that we legally begin our new journey as husband and wife ( I’m so excited to call him ‘hubby’ :) although our ceremony will take place later in the summer ). I feel like it was just yesterday that we started dating, but at the same time I feel like it took us so long to get here.


I still remember the first time we met, the first time we started talking, and the first time we kissed ( we went back to that day again today :). It wasn’t the sweetest thing on earth, but it was definitely one of our sweetest moment ). Those memories always make me smile from my heart. We wrote each other our little love story. I’m hoping to write our love story in here in the near future for our memories hence I don’t write any detail in here.

I just can’t wait for our ceremony to take place :)

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